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Six sessions to gain clarity, take control and live with intention. We’ll identify your priorities, nail new routines and create boundaries to boost your confidence and make it all possible.


"Vic has the ability to make you think differently about things, gives you the tools to reframe thoughts and helps to put things into action no matter how small or big they might be."

An eight-week coaching programme that’ll guide you to stop the mental chaos, inner criticism, and people-pleasing.

This is about taking your days to a different level; you’ve finally seen the light and you're done living the same old groundhog day which leaves you unfulfilled and exhausted.

Building a greater awareness of who you are and what you truly enjoy, you’ll make space for yourself and create helpful habits and consistent routines for a life that flows. 

Each session will be centred on you, without interruption or distraction, to inspire and motivate you, so you leave equipped with the everyday tools and self-empowering mindset to check in with what truly matters and use that insight to guide your decisions, streamline the ‘must-dos’ in your life and put in place realistic boundaries to make it happen. 
There’s space for you between sessions to enact change, make tweaks, celebrate the wins and identify what flex you need to pivot when life demands it. Because if your plans and priorities aren’t bespoke to you and your days right now, life is going to feel way harder than it needs to be. 
Not only will you have a coach in your pocket who’s willing to tell it to you straight and ask the challenging questions to help reconnect with yourself, but I’ll also be your accountability partner, science-backed strategist and compassionate cheerleader. 

"Every time we met it felt like we made big leaps mentally, and I was given the practical tools to help me implement similarly big changes into my day-to-day life and routines."

It's for you if...

  • You’re stuck on the hamster wheel of busyness and don’t know how to get off

  • You consistently show up for others, but rarely for yourself

  • You feel like life is happening to you, but you’re ready to be in the driving seat

  • You get overwhelmed when making decisions and second-guess your choices

  • You repeat ‘bad’ habits every day and can’t find a way to break the cycle

  • You desperately seek structure and routine to get your mental chaos under control

  • You don’t have the confidence to ask for help or say no

"The habits Victoria suggested and encouraged have been easy to action and maintain. I now have confidence in myself and my capabilities, and for that I will be eternally grateful!"


We kick off with a pre-coaching questionnaire, to help us both get clear on what you want help with, the current challenges you’re facing and how you want to feel about your life at the end of us working together.


Over two months, you’ll have six coaching calls with me: two 90-minute sessions and four 60-minute sessions. Our first session together is always 90 minutes – to settle in, explore what you really need and put exciting plans in place - then it’s up to you whether you use your other 90-minute call midway through our time together or for a bumper wrap-up at the end.


Together, we’ll investigate how you’re currently spending your time and energy; mentally build the ideal version of your life so you know what long-term goal you’re working toward; and do the mindset work to make your everyday life feel easier, while you take tiny action to make massive shifts.


The shorter sessions are perfect to check in, discuss and update your action points and keep the momentum. You’ll also have direct daily access to me via the Telegram app (Mon-Fri, 9-5pm) for the full eight weeks for extra check-ins, support and accountability.

And GIFs. Lots of GIFs.

Your investment in yourself is


or no-interest payment plans available

What it costs...


I'll put in 110% - and I expect you to do the same. If you're looking for a magic bullet or a quick fix, this isn't for you.

As a coach, I choose only to work with people who are motivated to intentionally make change in their lives and are ready to do the work to make a life that feels easier a reality. There is no other way of getting you to where you want to be. If you don't feel ready right now, you know where to find me when you are.

Got more questions, or want to chat things through before you commit?

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