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Take the power of your life back into your own hands


"The best two hours I’ve ever spent! I feel more confident and I haven’t stopped thinking about the session since."

Ready to break free from the constant state of overwhelm and start making changes to take control of your own time and create space and ease in your life?


This two-hour session is your best next step to make an invaluable investment in yourself on coaching that really works.


We’ll spend 120 minutes focused solely on you – exploring simple ways to streamline and simplify your days and challenging your current thinking to cut through the mental noise, lighten your load and get clearer on where to start.


There’s something so powerful in giving yourself the space to think and speak without distraction.


And chances are you’ll leave with far more than you came for. Yes, we’ll identify practical solutions to help navigate your everyday stress and busyness. But you’ll also get a taste of how it feels to reconnect with who you really are, what matters and how you want to take charge and find the simple pleasures in your days and in your life.

""A session with Vic has the ability to cut through the chaos and noise in your head, helping you get clear on what you want, how to move forward and enabling you to make empowered decisions."
  • You live in a constant state of overwhelm, spinning endless plates and juggling too many moving parts


  • You can’t work out what to tackle first or how to start making changes for the better


  • You commit to more than your mind and body can take and feel it later


  • You feel selfish for considering your needs or taking any time for yourself


  • You’re easily distracted and find it difficult to focus on one thing at once


  • You don’t ever have the headspace to prioritise or plan, even though you know it would make life easier

It's for you if...

"It was a safe and calm space where I could explore my thoughts and feelings. I really valued developing an action plan that I knew I could actually achieve."

Before the session, I’ll send you a questionnaire to help me get a feel of where you’re at and what you want to get out of coaching so we can get straight to it.


We’ll use the session to zone in on simple ways to tweak and simplify the areas in your life that need it most, tailored to you as an individual and the outcome you want to achieve. You’ll get clearer on where you’re spending your time and energy, and the action you want to take to make life feel easier and calmer.


Using practical exercises and open questions, I’ll guide you to identify what’s within your control (always more than you think!), the cost to yourself if you keep making the same decisions and doing the same things as you are now, and how amazing it would feel to do things differently.


We’ll begin to challenge the thoughts and beliefs keeping you stuck in a life of overwhelm so you can build more helpful habits, make choices that better serve you and focus not on what you think you should be doing, but what you really want to do.


Plus you’ll get daily access to me via the Telegram app for one week following the session, for support, instant accountability and any teething niggles.

Your investment in yourself is


for a two-hour 1-2-1 session + a week of daily app support

What it costs...

If you’re ready for more than a one-off session and want me in your corner for longer,
the Signature Programme will be right up your street.

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