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Oh hi!

I'm a straight talker, so let's get to it. You’re on this page because you're interested in taking back control of your life, boosting your self-worth and making your days feel easier. So it's time to decide whether I’m the right coach for you, and if you like and trust me enough to invest in the work I do - and what it can do for you.


It's much easier to take that important first step when you've got all the info, so here we go:


I’m Victoria Joy


Mum-of-one, former health magazine journalist, science geek and recovered overthinker. I live in London, love the word snazzy, hate BS and I'm here to help you flip overwhelm and inaction into clarity, control and confidence to make your days – and in turn, your life – feel easier.

I do what I do to put something positive back into the world 

To help people like YOU escape daily overwhelm, step off the hamster wheel of unhelpful, unhealthy habits and take back control and confidence in your life - one day at a time - so you can spend your hours and your energy on things that bring you joy and bring you closer to contentment.


Because I know what it’s like to feel life weighing heavily on your shoulders. Coming from well-intentioned parents who go painfully out of their own way to help and serve, I was raised to be good. To get high marks and glowing reports at school, to have well-rounded and polite friends, to look acceptable (slim), and to respect authority figures so I'd win approval. 

As I got older, my identity became wrapped up in my career, where I always wanted a bit more success; get paid more, be recognised for my achievements, gain promotions and status. As the years passed, and responsibilities increased, the heavier the load of everyday life felt. 

I worked with managers who wanted everything done now. I'd stay at the office long past my working hours, packing my laptop in my bag so I could work on the bus home. I navigated a long-distance relationship which meant evenings spent on FaceTime, leaving me feeling behind on tidying, washing, life admin and couldn't catch up. 

Then, becoming a parent in 2020 – peak-pandemic, with no IRL support network – made life feel harder than ever before. Ironically, I tried to cope with the relentless overwhelm by ramping up the expectations I put on myself. I wanted to be the best parent, to earn my privilege as a middle-class mum, to nail the juggle - and I made those early years way more difficult than they needed to be.

Then came a turning point...

In early 2022, I chose to leave my job as a magazine editor to put my life coaching qualification into practise. I wanted to do meaningful work with clients, and spend more time with my son. 

But my days still didn't feel like my own. I was giving everything to everyone else,

struggling to escape constant feelings of overwhelm and feeling resentful that I didn't

have the time and space to build the rhythms of life I wanted for myself and my family. 


And my clients were feeling and saying the same. No matter what ultimate vision they

had in mind or big decision they were facing, the greatest challenge getting in their

way was the struggle of everyday overwhelm. The small unhelpful habits and

behaviours they repeated day in day out that meant there was never enough time t

o get stuff done, their life felt out of their controland their goals and desires had

disappeared in a fog of people-pleasing, overthinking and low confidence. 


So I began to focus on the small stuff - in both my own life and in coaching sessions

with clients - and the transformation was immediate and incredible. 

Switching from victim mode of living in never-ending overwhelm (of my own making),

to take back control of where I choose to put my time, energy and money has made

the biggest difference to my life. I feel lighter, freer, calmer, more confident - and have

carved out pockets of time every day to build habits that serve me and hobbies that

bring me joy.  

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I’ve worked in industries built on BS and smoke and mirrors, where my core value of integrity was called into question and ultimately wasn’t being met.


I’m not here to sell you a product or dream to upgrade your life. Why? Because for that upgrade to be meaningful and lasting, the change has to come from YOU.


Instead, I'll guide you through tools, systems and self-exploration to design a life that finally works for you. A life where you recognise your worth, where your needs and wants are met, where the things and people you value are a priority and where there's flex and flow to deal with the curveballs that'll inevitably be thrown your way.  


I want that for you and for as many people as possible. I’m passionate about freeing ourselves from society’s expectations and ingrained habits that drag us down to make life feel easier and re-capture the small pleasures.

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