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It’s time to put the power back in your hands, to reframe your thoughts and finally take control of your time, your day, your life.
Let me show you how...

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"A warm, welcoming and productive space to shift the needle on my thinking and behaviours."

Here’s a secret for you, that it took me years to learn myself: life doesn’t have to feel hard for you to know you’re doing it right.


I get the relentless overwhelm. I understand you feel stuck, that you’re struggling to get what you need and want out of life on a day-to-day basis, and you don’t know where to start. 


You’re so frazzled by the little things, and constantly overthinking and second-guessing the daily decisions, that you’ve got no energy or headspace left for the stuff that actually matters.


As your coach, I’ll give you complete permission to feel the way you feel, while empowering you to recognise this feeling isn’t inevitable and change is within your control.


Because it’s the small inconsequential shifts – the ‘it sounds silly but…’ moments - that bring about massive, meaningful change. This is how you start to get unstuck. 

"A great and empathetic listener, Victoria draws out of you things which you know are holding you back, then has all the practical tools to help you change your life in big ways."

By the time you reach out to a coach, you've probably been tying yourself in knots for weeks, months or years. Yes, you need guidance and tools - but what you need to be met with first is compassion and understanding. 

With me as your straight-talking and non-judgemental partner, together we’ll build the courage and confidence you need to tackle those unhelpful habits, non-existent boundaries and open up space for life’s simple pleasures.

I’ll not only give you the practical tools to help you manage your day better - helping increase intention and ease while staving off overwhelm - but everything I do is underpinned by the science behind (and my own training in) psychological wellbeing, mindset work, behavioural change and self-awareness. 

Described as calming and kind, my warm sense of humour and innate curiosity are great assets if and when we need to talk about sticky subjects and tough decisions. 

I’ve done the research and read the books so you don’t have to. Invite me into your corner and I’ll give you what you need to make massive shifts in ways you thought were out of reach.


How we can make the change you want...

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