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'Let’s make life feel easier, no matter how busy your day, how frazzled your mind or how low your self-confidence.'

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I'm Victoria Joy – a qualified life coach, former magazine editor, jigsaw puzzle-obsessive mum-of-one. And I'm so chuffed you're here.


When I'm not hanging out with my 3-year-old son Rafferty, I help time-poor people like you build confidence and take back control of their everyday, cutting through the overwhelm and people-pleasing to create helpful habits and routines that make life feel easier.

I get it. 
- How out of control life seems, with no time to catch your breath, let alone rest.
- How out of touch you are with yourself, fearing change and stuck in a place of uncertainty.
- How you spend every day repeating unhelpful behaviours, with no routine or accountability in place to break the cycle.
But I promise I’ve got you.
Whether we meet in person or online, I’m here to give you the space to take a step back from the everyday slog to get clarity on why your current thoughts and actions aren’t helping you live a life of ease, take control and identify the habits and behaviours that will serve you best, and put in place daily rhythms that mean you stay consistent even when life throws you its biggest curveballs (because we both know it will).
I’ll help you work out what to tackle first, replace distraction with intention, stop feeling selfish about taking time for yourself and build the courage and confidence to hold boundaries that make space for the simple pleasures in life. Because it feels AMAZING when you have the confidence to take control of your days and make them work for you.
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